Winter Issue 2013 — LA Special

Jay Ezra Nayssan

Last winter, MAD Agency launched the 440 HOPE, its second international art residency program, to tap in to the buzzing emerging arts scene of Los Angeles. It was a vibrant experience for 6 multi disciplinary french artists, working out of their studio in Downtown LA to produce three exhibitions in the space of three months.

To setup the residency, MAD Agency teamed up with Jay Ezra Nayssan, a local artist and curator. During his role as co-curator of the 440 HOPE, Jay acted as a cultural liaison to the artists, accompanying them to exhibitions, organising studio visits with local artists and fostering collaborations between the French residents and Angelenos.


Every Angeleno finds themselves driving down a dim lit street with empty parked cars on either side of the road, forming a kind of aisle for the procession of thoughts and contemplation. There is a moment, however, when the conversation with oneself ends, and the radio station becomes the driver’s passenger. With the help of a surreal instrumental song or some absurd narrative from the disk jockey, the commuter becomes entranced, occasionally, subconsciously, making a left at that silhouette of a palm tree or stopping for the deserted pedestrian under than offensively-bright street light. But before we know it, we’ve reached home, without even noticing how we got there

Blind Dinner

On Sunday, December 15th, the Blind Dinner, curated by Jay Ezra Nayssan and Anatole Maggiar was held at 440 HOPE in Los Angeles to celebrate MAD Agency’s 3 year anniversary.

The Blind Dinner was conceived as an experience to reflect the ideas and projects currently being explored by MAD Agency artists, in particular Boris Lévy who is focusing on Blindness as his central theme during his residency at 440 Hope. Levy is working on two pieces “the Blind Camera” and “the Blind Picture” to be exhibited at the end of the residency .

Coming Up!

This month, to celebrate the launch of 440 HOPE, MAD Agency is proud to present the LA ISSUE, a special editorial calendar in English centered around the 440 HOPE residency in Los Angeles!

Over the next three months, from Nov 1st to January 31st, five young contemporary French artists will set up shop at 440 HOPE to collaborate with artists from both sides of the Atlantic and combine their talents in the realms of painting, sculpture, music and film. Curated by Anatole Maggiar and Jay Ezra Nayssan, 440 HOPE will create a dynamic, avant-garde cultural bridge between Paris and Los Angeles.