November 15, 2013

Last 23rd of October, during the private viewing of FIAC! 2013, Luka Arbay performed right in the alleys of the most important Parisian art fair who was celebrating its 40th anniversary. Installed in the middle of the Grand Palais, next to the booths of the most prestigious French and international galleries, Luka Arbay took over one of the standardised bins of FIAC and elevated it to the rank of art.

Under the authority of the imaginary Von Bloomenhburger Gallery, supposedly based in Vienna at 26-28 Öffnungkcöke Strässe, who’s phone number will put you in direct contact with the Viennese customs department, Luka Arbay and his cameraman, equipped with fake exhibitor’s passes, fake business cards in the name of the gallery, and a folding table; went undetected as they hijacked security at the door. The artist had built a whole manifest around the piece, simply called Has Bin (2013), and once he finished setting-up his makeshift booth, he started to regurgitate his speech, engaging with the visitors, collectors, journalists and gallerists of FIAC.

After about 20 minutes, the security of the fair, accompanied by some of the organisers, came to the Von Bloomenhburger Gallery booth to ask questions… Against all odds, the personnel of FIAC, distanced by the events, just let go and started actually believing in this blatant hijacking, until eventually they let Luka Arbay carry on with his activities! The Has Bin Project stayed up until the end of the fair!


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