December 19, 2013

On Sunday, December 15th,  the Blind Dinner, curated by Jay Ezra Nayssan and Anatole Maggiar was held  at 440 HOPE in Los Angeles to celebrate MAD Agency’s 3 year anniversary.

The Blind Dinner was conceived as an experience to reflect the ideas and projects currently being explored by MAD Agency artists, in particular Boris Lévy who is focusing on Blindness as his central theme during his residency at 440 Hope. Levy is working on two pieces the Blind Camera and the Blind Picture to be exhibited at the end of the residency.

Following extensive research including interviews and training at the Braille Institute, a black-out room was built for the occasion inside the main studio of 440 HOPE. As a result of the visual sensory deprivation, other senses were heightened and guests reactions were individual and varied, ranging from fear and discomfort due to loss of spacial awareness to Euphoria, and increased sensuality. Guests enjoyed a selection of dishes ranging from an avocado and coriander gaspacho, a ratatouille provençale, and for desert, cotton candy covered in pop rocks. A curated selection of industrial packaging was used as cutlery: the gaspacho was served in Boba cups with very wide straws, the ratatouille in chinese take-away boxes with a very long spoon, the wine in wax paper cups and silver foil trays. The dessert was folded in a zip-lock bag that was stuck underneath every participant’s chair.

Mad Agency will also be presenting a solo exhibition by Thanos Kyriakides- a.k.a. Blind Adam . Blind Adam has retinitis pigmentosa, a genetic condition that constricts the visual field resulting in visual impairment. Blind Adam creates installations using black wool yarn , a hand knotted universe of thread, that resembles the Braille system. Like a primitive manuscript, each black knot represents a letter or a word in an abstract flow of sentences upon the white background.

The exhibition will be held at Galerie 104 Kléber in Paris, early 2014,